Care Package Plan

2022-2023 School Year

Choose Which Months to Send  •  Write A Card For Each Box  •  Pay Once

December Care Package
Starts at $29.95
+ $8.95 shipping per box
Gluten Free, Nut Free & Vegan available

Snacks & Essentials / Healthy

December Care Package
Starts Shipping 1st Week of Month

Midnight Snack Care Package.  Healthy snacks to satisfy late-night cravings!

  • Double Chocolate Crunch Cookies 
  • Kate's Real Food Bar
  • Gary Poppins Caramel & Dark Chocolate Drizzled Popcorn
  • Creative Snacks Trail Mix
  • Nacho Chipotle Tortilla Chips
  • Bobo's Bites Energy Bar
  • Pretzel Pete Cheese Pizza Pretzels
  • Midnight Snack Bar - Chocolate, Pretzels, Briittle & Marshmallows!

  • The Snacks & Essentials box includes a thermal mug with lid and Kopper's Hot Chocolate Dunking Spoon for that perfect cup of cocoa :)

      Care Package Plans Work

      Unique boxes sent to your student's residence hall or apartment during the school year

      CampusCube Care Package Card Montage
      • Healthy, Gluten-Free, Nut-Free or Vegan
      • Timed to arrive for important holidays and exams.
      • Two price levels:
        • Just Snacks ($29.95 per box) - a generous selection of delicious snacks.
        • Snacks +Essentials ($39.95 per box) - adds useful items like reusable mugs & tech accessories.
      • Choose the months to send a box.
      • Add an optional Birthday Box and tell us when to deliver it.
      • Write your gift cards.
      • Pay once (no recurring charges).
      • Send the love.
      • It's easy!

      Send All The Boxes
      Or Just The Ones You Want
      Gluten-Free, Nut-Free & Vegan Available For All Boxes

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      September Care Package

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      October Care Package

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      November Care Package


      December Care Package


      February Care Package


      March Care Package


      April Care Package


      May Care Package

      A Birthday Surprise Care Packages
      Crown them King or Queen For A Day

      Don't miss their Birthday! Add the Birthday Surprise care package.
      Select the date you want it delivered by on the Order Page.

      Queen For A Day Birthday Care Package



      • CampusCube ships anywhere in the 50 United States, including PO and Student Mail Boxes.
      • Items that are not from a plan page, ordered before 2 pm (Eastern Time), Monday thru Friday, typically ship the same day.
      • We do not ship on weekends.
      • Many school mailrooms are CLOSED Saturdays.
      • If the care packages in your cart allow specification of a delivery date we will use best efforts to have it arrive by that date. These are not guaranteed.

      Care Package Plans With
      Paid Shipping

      • Can be shipped anywhere in the U.S., including PO and student mail boxes.
      • If current box is ordered mid-month, it will ship same or next day via the same ship service used for all plan boxes.
      • Boxes for future months are shipped to arrive the first week of the respective month unless an option to choose delivery week was provided.

      UPS Ground

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      USPS Priority Mail

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      FedEx Ground

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