Dormify & CampusCube Care Packages

Send Your Student
a Care Package

CampusCube has partnered with Dormify this back to school season to offer you an exciting variety of Care Packages for your students. CampusCube is the official Care Package provider to students of Dormify school partners.

We are preparing for the 2024/25 school year.
We will not ship any order before Aug. 1

Care Package Plans Work

Unique boxes sent to your student's residence hall or apartment during the school year

CampusCube Care Package Card Montage
  • Timed to arrive for important holidays and exams.
  • Two price levels:
    • Just Snacks ($34.95 per box): a generous selection of delicious snacks.
    • Snacks +Essentials ($49.95 per box): adds useful items like reusable mugs & tech accessories.
  • Choose the months to send a box.
  • Add an optional Birthday Box and tell us when to deliver it.
  • Write your gift cards.
  • Pay once (no recurring charges).
  • Send the love.