Free Shipping to students in SRU Residence Halls

Fall 2022 & Spring 2023 Care Package Delivery Schedule
Fall Welcome - August 29th
Halloween Surprise - October 24th
Fall Final Exams - December 5th
Valentine's -  February 6th
Spring Surprise - March 17th
Spring Final Exams - May 1st

Addressing format:
Student's Name
Student's Room Number and Residence Hall Name
Slippery Rock, PA 16057-1326

The first care package will be available for pick up in 234 Smith Student Center ("the Suite") starting week of August 29th.  Subsequent care packages will be available for student pick up in the mailroom. Your student will receive an email notification to their SRU email address advising they have a package available for pickup.

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Fall Welcome - $29.95

Halloween Surprise - $29.95

Fall Final Exams - $29.95

Valentine's Day - $29.95

Spring Surprise - $29.95

Spring Final Exams - $29.95